Welcome to Children’s Services Council

To help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community, our office will be closed to on-site visits. At that time, we will re-evaluate based upon what Health Officials are recommending. In the interim, we will continue working on behalf of the clients that we serve.While phone messages will be regularly monitored, it is likely that you will receive a quicker response by email.

If you are a case worker from any service sector looking to provide further support to a child or youth you are working with, then you’re on the right site to find assistance and resources. Parents or Caregivers are also welcome to call us.

The Children’s Services Council (CSC) facilitates the coordination of services for children and youth who have complex needs. We do not provide treatment services directly, but strive to be the best partner and advocate possible so that our community is a better place to live for children and youth with extraordinary needs.


Children and families who have unique and individual needs can challenge a community’s resources. The CSC’s role is to enhance the ability of the community to meet a child’s needs in the best way possible. Our organization does not provide direct service to its clients. Instead, we provide better access to the people that do. We do this by: